Available Pipes

Blasted black billiard
Blasted pot with ivorite

Pipes for sale will eventually show up on this page but I do not have the time to update frequently so the best way to know if there are pipes available is to contact me or take a look at my instagram/facebook account. 

If you need information about prices or if you want me to make a pipe from your own preferences, please let me know and we can discuss details


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1/4-bent blasted bamboo, SEM Ebonite
1/4-bent blasted Dublin, SEM Ebonite
Rustic Mushroom 9 mm filter
Blast billiard Sold by scandpipes.com
Blasted Billiard sold by Scandpipes.com
Smooth plateau SEM Ebonite
Smooth bent with boxwood
Small bamboo
Squashed Tomatoe
Bent freehand with bamboo boxwood and horn
Sandblasted apple
Chubby nosewarmer partly blasted with boxwood ring
Sandblasted bent freehand with kirinite and brass ring
Sandblasted bent freehand with faux ivory
Apple bamboo Sold by Scandpipes.com
Partly rusticated freehand with ivorite
Bend sandblasted bamboo, boxwood and inlay of horn Sold by Scandpipes.com
Smooth volcano with faux ivory Sold by Scandpipes.com
Sandblasted pencilshank with curly birch
Tomatoe with Ivorite Sold by Scandpipes.com
Billiard with brass ring
Smooth freehand sitter
Bo´s favourite, Horn with brass ring
Small smooth freehand
Sandblasted bent freehand
Sandblasted bent freehand Acrylic stem
Volcano with boxwood. Sold by scandpipes.com
Sandblasted freehand with boxwood ring
Sandblasted bent egg dark brown
Rusticated pencil shank with faux ivory
Blasted pencil shank with faux ivory
Bent partially blasted freehand
Rusticated bent freehand
Rusticated bent bamboo
Bent Tomatoe
Bent freehand
Bent freehand 171
Smooth chimney
Bent Billiard, Cumberland stem
Rusticated poker
Bent egg
Partly blasted bamboo