About my pipes

In my pipe making I pay a lot of attention to details. Of course all the interior measurements has to be right. But there is also the aspect of aesthetics, appearance, balance and feeling. A pipe has to feel right, both in your hand and in your mouth. It should fit. This is what I pay a lot of time, thoughts and attention to.

I only use high quality Briar for my pipes. Mainly the Briar comes from Italy but I have also gotten Briar from Greece.

I use high quality ebonite from Germany for my stems and sometimes I use acrylic. For adornment I use different kind of ornamental woods, silver, brass, horn or bamboo. Each pipe has its own description when it comes to materials and measures along with the pictures.

I always drill the smoke channel with a 4 mm drill. When I drill the channel in the mouthpiece I use tapered drills, and by filing the channel I want the airflow to be consistent throughout the whole pipe. Bite height is never more than 4 mm.

I always use Carnauba wax on my pipes and I put coating in the chamber, partly because it protects the wood from burnout but mostly because of aesthetics. It is more beautiful and I think it completes the pipe in a nice way. I never use coating to hide anything in the wood.