Pipes for sale

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Smooth freehand sitter
Chubby nosewarmer partly blasted with boxwood ring
Sandblasted bent freehand
Billiard with brass ring


Sandblasted freehand with boxwood ring
Volcano with boxwood. Sold by scandpipes.com
Small smooth freehand
Rusticated pencil shank with faux ivory
Blasted pencil shank with faux ivory
Sandblasted bent freehand Acrylic stem
Sandblasted bent egg dark brown
Bo´s favourite, Horn with brass ring
Bent egg
Partly blasted bamboo
Bent partially blasted freehand
Rusticated bent freehand
Rusticated bent bamboo
Bent Tomatoe
Bent freehand
Bent freehand 171
Smooth chimney
Bent Billiard, Cumberland stem
Rusticated poker